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Acthar Patient Support is a team of professionals who work together to help a patient obtain the medicine their doctor prescribed and provide comprehensive support from the time the prescription is written throughout the patient’s journey.

Here’s how we can help

A dedicated team, including a Nurse Navigator and a Case Manager, is ready to help you understand treatment with Acthar Gel, review your insurance options, help you get the medicine your doctor prescribed, and offer support as you start and continue your treatment plan.
Your Acthar Patient Support Team includes:
Acthar Gel Nurse Navigator Icon Nurse Navigator Acthar Gel Nurse Navigator Icon
Your partner throughout treatment, your dedicated Nurse Navigator will*:
  • Coordinate free, one-on-one injection training to help you take Acthar Gel
  • Help you understand treatment with Acthar Gel and offer support along your journey
  • Answer questions about your condition and Acthar Gel, and guide you to support resources
Nurse Navigators do not give medical advice and will direct you to your healthcare professional for any treatment-related questions, including further referrals.
Acthar Gel Case Manager Icon Case Manager Acthar Gel Case Manager Icon
When it comes to your health, having a team in your corner can help make a big difference. That is why you will also have a Case Manager, who:
  • Works alongside your Nurse Navigator to support you getting on therapy
  • Specializes in insurance coverage
  • Will help you understand your assistance options

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