Getting Your Prescription and Starting Acthar Gel

Because the way you get specialty medicines like Acthar Gel is different than going to your neighborhood drug store, we know you may have questions about how it works.

Acthar Patient Support

From the time your doctor writes your prescription for Acthar Gel to the time the medicine is delivered to your doorstep, Acthar Patient Support is by your side every step of the way.

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See how the process works

Your doctor prescribes Acthar Gel for you. Your doctor’s office staff then submits your prescription to Acthar Patient Support. Once the prescription is submitted by your doctor, Acthar Patient Support will review your insurance coverage. Often, insurance companies require your doctor to complete an additional step known as a prior authorization before approving the medicine.
If you have insurance, Acthar Patient Support works with your insurance company. A prior authorization is a way insurance companies make sure that the medicine your doctor prescribed is needed for your condition. Acthar Patient Support will collect the required paperwork from your doctor and submit the information to your insurance company—you don’t have to manage the process. Your Case Manager will provide you with updates on the status of the approval process so you know what’s going on every step of the way.
Acthar Gel appeals process
While Acthar Gel may be denied for insurance coverage for any number of reasons, it’s common to feel upset or frustrated. However, you can appeal this decision by the insurance company and there are many ways to approach an appeal. Acthar Patient Support can help you with the appeals process.
No matter what type of insurance you have, we can help you explore your coverage options. Your Case Manager will guide you through the options and programs that may be available to you and that you may qualify for. We want you to have access to your prescribed treatment.
If you have commercial insurance, assistance may be available through the Commercial Co-pay Program. (See Terms & Conditions.) You can work with your Case Manager to enroll in the program if you’re eligible.
Many commercial insurance plans cover Acthar Gel, but if your insurance company won’t cover it or if you’ve had a change in your insurance coverage, you may be eligible for assistance. Your Case Manager can better help you understand your options and connect you with the appropriate resources.
If you have government insurance, Acthar Patient Support will help you understand your options for financial assistance.
Learning how to take or give Acthar Gel is personal. That’s why Acthar Patient Support offers free, one-on-one injection training that’s based on your level of need. While your prescription is in the approval process, we’ll contact you to discuss your training needs and how best to accomplish them—in your home, online, or by phone.
At no additional cost to you, training will be provided by a licensed nurse educator in your area who will:
  • Review the materials needed—needles, syringes, alcohol wipes, etc
  • Show you or your care partner how and where to inject Acthar Gel
  • Explain how to store Acthar Gel and dispose of used needles and syringes
  • Answer any questions about how to inject Acthar Gel
  • Come back to make sure your injections are going well. The nurse will come to visit you up to 3 times so that you have full confidence in taking Acthar Gel
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Interested in injection training?

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Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM ET

Acthar Gel is delivered by your Specialty Pharmacy. Acthar Patient Support works with your Specialty Pharmacy to begin the delivery process so you don’t have to. After approval, someone from your Specialty Pharmacy will contact you to set up your delivery of Acthar Gel.
The delivery process:
  • Your Case Manager will let you know when your prescription is approved
  • Your Specialty Pharmacy will call you to arrange a shipment for a delivery time when someone will be able to sign for, receive, and immediately refrigerate the medicine
  • It is important that you answer any calls from 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-844, 1-855, or blocked callers because your Specialty Pharmacy may call from those types of numbers
If you miss the call, call back as soon as possible to ensure your medicine will be sent to you.
    • Save the Acthar Patient Support phone number in your mobile phone. It is 1-888-435-2284
  • Acthar Gel is shipped to your home in a refrigerated container
    • A signature is required for delivery because someone must be available to put the medicine in the refrigerator as soon as it is received
  • The package arriving from your Specialty Pharmacy will contain prescribing information for Acthar Gel, Acthar Gel vial(s), syringes and needles, disposal instructions, and contact information for the Specialty Pharmacy

Once you receive your medication and have been properly trained, you can take Acthar Gel.